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Who is AutoNation Direct?

AutoNation Direct is a subsidiary of AutoNation, Inc. --- America’s Largest Auto Retailer. AutoNation Direct is exclusive to corporate buying programs, offering a simple and easy means of researching, locating and acquiring a vehicle without the hassle, negotiations or games often played when purchasing a vehicle. Best of all, you can do this from the convenience of your home or office.

Personal Auto Consultants are designated to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle, any make or model new or pre-owned, handle your trade-in, and assist in financing but most important make your buying experience easy and convenient, like it should be!

AutoNation is America’s largest automotive retailer, on and off the web. It has nearly 350 franchises in several states. AutoNation stores consistently rank near the top of independent measures of on-line buyer satisfaction by providing all users with an intelligent buying decision. AutoNation gives you control over the vehicle-buying experience.

The following are common questions and answers. Click any question to jump down to its answer. If you have a question that you don’t find answered here, please contact us.

Shopping and Buying Process

What are the steps in the Shopping Process?

Look through our vast vehicle inventory or better yet, tell us about the vehicle you want and we can do the searching for you right up front. You’ll be contacted usually within two hours by a Personal Auto Consultant who will answer your questions, locate a specific vehicle, provide you pricing, trade value and arrange for a view and ultimately take delivery of your car.

Who is the contact?

Every AutoNation Direct customer deals directly with a specialized, trained Personal Auto Consultant to help guide you through the auto buying process. Auto Consultants are based at AutoNation Corporate -- not at remote call centers -- so they have direct access to vehicle available through the pace of the sales process --- online and offline.

I’m not interested in haggling over price. How can I be sure I’m getting a great deal?

The days of horse trading are over. By leveraging the power of America’s largest retailer we have pre-negotiated competitive pricing eliminating your need to negotiate or haggle.

How long does it take to get a vehicle once the request has been submitted?

Once an on-line vehicle request has been submitted, getting your vehicle can range from the same day to several days based on vehicle availability and the area of the country you are in.

How do I select options on the vehicle?

You can specify your preferred vehicle options when submitting an on-line vehicle request, or at any point after.

Is an on-line deposit required?

A deposit is not required to receive specific pricing or inventory information on-line. A refundable deposit is only required to hold a vehicle.

Where can I take delivery of the vehicle?

Delivery of your vehicle will take place at an AutoNation dealer or, if you prefer, may be delivered to your home or office.

Am I obligated to purchase the vehicle once I've submitted an on-line vehicle request?

An online vehicle request does not obligate you to buy anything. By submitting your request, you are asking our Personal Auto Guide to contact you to assist you and answer your questions. You are free to stop contact at anytime with no obligations.

What if I don’t like the vehicle, can I bring it back?

Yes. AutoNation Direct gives you a 3-Day or 150 Mile Money Back Guarantee on any AutoNation owned new or certified used vehicle. So, whatever the reason and the vehicle is brought back in the same condition, AutoNation Direct will take the vehicle back. No fees. No problem.

What kinds of warranties are available on used vehicles?

You can buy with confidence. Every Certified Used Vehicles come with the manufacturer’s limited powertrain warranty or AutoNation’s sixty (60) day, no deductible, powertrain limited warranty. Your Personal Auto Consultant has all of the details.

Vehicle Pricing

How can AutoNation Direct offer such low Prices?

AutoNation is America's largest automotive retailer both on and off the web. We sell more cars than any other auto retailer and have lower costs. Your corporate buying power along with our efficiency helps lower overhead, and the savings can be passed on to you; and - unlike online car buying services or referral services - we are NOT a brokerage or a referral service that ADDS additional cost to the sales process.

What is the real vehicle selling price?

Vehicles listed on the site have been specially priced with a low, no-haggle selling price. This price is generally the lowest price that we are willing to sell the vehicle for to an on-line buyer. By eliminating the need to negotiate, you are free to review product specifications and make real price trade-offs without the need to waste time haggling. This makes shopping more pleasant and usually affords better value.

Are there other costs?

Typically the selling prices listed do not include state and local sales tax, handling charges and rebates or incentives. Since these amounts vary by city, state, consumer, and date, it is not possible to show them on the site. It is always best to contact us to get a specific ''all-in'' price for the vehicle chosen.

What is a dealer invoice?

A dealer invoice, also called a factory invoice, is the bill an automobile manufacturer sends to a dealer for a particular vehicle the dealer acquires for the purpose of selling. A genuine dealer invoice always shows the name of the manufacturer, the name of the original dealer who ordered it (name may be different from the dealership that the customer is visiting due to dealer trades/inventory balancing etc.), and the vehicle's identification number, or VIN. Listed on a dealer invoice are the charges the dealer must pay the manufacturer for a vehicle, and also the price that the manufacturer recommends that the dealer charge consumers when selling the vehicle.

Is invoice price the same as dealer cost?

No, invoice price is different from dealer cost. Dealer cost is comprised of invoice price plus additional expenses associated with selling the vehicle. These added costs include interest (''flooring charges'') the dealer pays to finance the purchase of a vehicle from the manufacturer, vehicle insurance, sales commissions, and dealer advertising and other business-related costs. The longer a car remains unsold on a dealer's lot or in a showroom, the greater the dealer cost for the vehicle.

What is a destination charge?

Delivery or "destination charge" is the amount a manufacturer charges a dealer to deliver a new vehicle from the factory to the dealer. This charge varies between different manufacturers and sometimes even between models from the same manufacturer. The destination charge for a given vehicle is the same amount for every dealer in the entire country -- whether the car has to travel across town to a dealer in Detroit, or across the continent to a dealer in Los Angeles. And because it is a fixed, unavoidable cost to a dealer, destination charges are not negotiated.

What is MSRP?

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is a vehicle's retail selling price as recommended by the manufacturer.

What are Customer Incentives?

To stimulate sales, a manufacturer may offer price reductions in the form of rebates or special financing consumers.

Rebates are refunds made to customers by the manufacturer. Rebates can be ''national'' and apply to all customers or ''regional'' and apply only to residents of certain states or regions of the country. Typically, a customer can choose to have the rebate amount mailed to him or her after the purchase, or the rebate can be signed over to the dealer and immediately deducted from the purchase price of a new vehicle. However, sales tax still applies to the full price of a vehicle, not the price after the rebate has been deducted.

Special Financing or Leasing is typically offered as an alternative to a Rebate. Financing incentives are only available through the Manufacturer's Finance Company and are subject to ''Credit Qualification''. Be sure to ask what rebates and finance or lease incentives apply to specific vehicles.

Vehicle Inventory Listings

What kinds of vehicles do you sell?

All makes. Any model. It doesn’t matter. AutoNation Direct has access to virtually every make and model. Whether it is a new or used, car, truck or sport utility we find the vehicle you want at a competitive price.

How do I find out what equipment is on a vehicle?

Unfortunately, Manufacturers do not provide specific vehicle equipment data that can be posted on-line for consumers to view. Most vehicle listings include Standard Equipment for the specific vehicle. Additional Optional Equipment may also be found on a specific vehicle. Please contact us for the exact equipment on a vehicle selected.

Why do prices vary between similar vehicles?

Usually vehicles that appear the same (but are priced differently) have different trim levels or have been modified with additional equipment. It is best to contact us for the exact equipment on a vehicle selected.

What if the vehicle I am interested in is no longer available?

We work hard to update our on-line vehicle listing to match the vehicles available. Though we have thousands of vehicles listed for sale on-line at any given time, a vehicle may be sold at any time. If a vehicle you request is unavailable, please be patient. Chances are additional vehicles have been added which may meet your needs or we could order a vehicle for you from the Manufacturer. If you are willing to travel, you have the option of expanding your search to a greater distance to find the vehicle you are looking for. Your dream car may be just over the horizon. We can arrange alternative delivery options and other accommodations, which may make the additional distance worthwhile.


I have a vehicle to trade. Should I sell it privately before I buy from AutoNation Direct?

You could try and sell it yourself…but do you really need the hassle. AutoNation Direct is committed to providing you true market value for your trade-in and baking it up with a buy offer. This will be guaranteed in writing for 3 days or up to 150 miles from the time you receive the offer.

Can I sell my car without buying another vehicle from AutoNation Direct?

Absolutely! AutoNation Direct will buy the car or truck you are now driving … NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Simply ask your Personal Auto Consultant for a vehicle appraisal and offer. And, we will buy your car, whether you make a purchase from us or not.